UFC Betting – The Basics

UFC betting is one of the most adrenaline-pumping ways to gamble today. The popularity of mixed martial arts (MMA) has surged in recent years, and with it, so has the betting industry surrounding it. Just like regular sports betting, there are a variety of bets you can place on UFC matches. This may a little confusing for newcomers to UFC betting, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with the range of bets available.

In this article, you’ll learn how to bet on UFC fights, as well as some handy tips to help increase your chances of winning!

UFC Quick Overview

Before diving into UFC betting, it’s essential to get familiar with the basics of the sport. UFC is the top MMA organization globally, featuring a vast array of fighters from different countries and martial arts styles.

The matches take place in an eight-sided cage, often called the Octagon. Most UFC fights have three five-minute rounds, while high-profile main events can last up to five rounds. Fighters can win by knockout, submission, or through the judges’ decisions.

octagon in sau paulo november 16 2019

Understanding UFC Betting Options Through Real-Life Scenarios


This straightforward bet involves predicting the winner of a match. If you select the right fighter, you win the bet.

For instance, Conor McGregor was a heavy -460 favorite in his fight against Donald Cerrone. Oddsmakers expected McGregor to win, so if you bet $400 on him and he won, your wager would be successful.

Conversely, if sportsbooks assigned a +370 to Cerrone and you bet $100 on him, a victory would result in a $470 return.

Over/Under Rounds

Here, you can bet on the number of rounds a match will last. Sportsbooks establish the total rounds for a fight, and you decide whether the bout will exceed or fall short of that figure.

For example, if the total rounds are set at 1.5 for a specific match and you believe it will continue for at least two rounds, you can bet on the over. Alternatively, if you think the fight will end in Round 1 or earlier, wager on the under.

Prop Bets

Prop bets cover non-flight-related outcomes like whether the fight goes the distance or if the referee uses hand signals. These bets are more challenging to predict but may yield higher payouts than Moneyline bets.

For instance, in the Geoff Neal vs Shavkat Rakhmonov fight, you could have bet on the UFC Method of Victory. Options included KO/TKO, Submission, Decision, or Draw. If you bet on Shavkat Rakhmonov winning by submission and he did, your wager would be successful.

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UFC Parlays

Parlays merge multiple UFC bets into a single wager. Suppose you want to bet on Conor McGregor and Tony Ferguson to win their respective fights. You can combine these bets into a parlay, wagering on both fighters simultaneously. If both predictions are accurate, you win the parlay wager.

Parlays provide higher payouts than individual bets but are more challenging to predict because both fighters must win for the parlay to pay off.

UFC Future Markets

Future markets involve bets on future UFC events, such as the next Lightweight Championship winner or when the next super fight will occur. Rules vary by sportsbook, but these bets typically offer higher payouts.

For example, you could have bet on Islam Makhachev to win the UFC Lightweight Championship before his fight against Charles Oliveira at UFC 280. If he won, your bet would be successful.

UFC cage battle odds
Charles Oliveira vs. Christos Giagos September 22 2018

Live Betting

Live betting permits wagers during a fight, as opposed to pre-fight odds. This exciting approach can yield potentially higher payouts based on the fight’s progression. Live betting can also help protect your bets if you think one fighter might win but don’t want to risk losing your Moneyline bet.

For example, if you placed a pre-fight moneyline on Conor McGregor and he was winning the first round, but you think Donald Cerrone might gain the advantage in the second, you can hedge your bet with a live bet on Cerrone. This secures some winnings regardless of the fight’s outcome.

MMA Betting Strategies

To excel in MMA betting, it is essential to employ well-researched strategies. Here are some key considerations to maximize your chances of success:

Thorough Research on Fighters

A critical strategy for successful MMA betting involves in-depth research on the fighters before placing a wager. Examine their records, such as wins, losses, and draws, and compare them against their opponents. Assess their fighting styles and techniques, and evaluate how they match up against each other. This analysis can reveal potential advantages or disadvantages that could impact the fight’s outcome.

In addition to analyzing each fighter’s strengths and weaknesses, consider other factors, such as their training camps, coaches, and any recent injuries or issues that may affect their performance. Examining pre-fight odds is also important, as they often provide valuable insights into the match’s anticipated progression.

Staying Informed on MMA News & Events

Keep up to date with the latest MMA news and events to identify value bets and capitalize on specific fighters or matchups. Subscribing to reputable MMA websites, following fighters and experts on social media, and watching pre-fight interviews can help you gather valuable information on the fighters’ physical and mental states, which can significantly influence a fight’s outcome. This knowledge will enable you to make more informed betting decisions.

Betting Rationally & Responsibly

Avoid making bets based on emotions, as this can lead to irrational decisions. Instead, use the information you’ve gathered to make informed choices and bet within your means. Remember that betting inherently involves risk, so it is vital to manage your bankroll responsibly. Establish a budget for your bets and stick to it, and avoid chasing losses or getting carried away by a winning streak.

Exploiting Live Betting Opportunities

Live betting is an excellent opportunity to utilize in-game information to optimize your winnings. By observing the fighters’ body language, stamina, and technique during the match, you can gain valuable insights into who is likely to emerge victorious. Adjust your bets accordingly to take advantage of shifts in momentum or capitalize on unexpected developments during the fight.

Analyzing Historical Performance

Study each fighter’s past performance against opponents with similar styles or attributes. This analysis can help you identify patterns or weaknesses that may come into play during the fight. For instance, a fighter who has consistently struggled against aggressive strikers may face difficulty in an upcoming match against a similarly aggressive opponent.

By employing these strategies and maintaining an informed and rational approach to MMA betting, you can increase your chances of success and potentially secure higher winnings. Always remember to bet responsibly and within your means.

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