UFC Betting – The Basics

UFC betting is one of the most adrenaline-pumping ways to gamble today. The popularity of mixed martial arts (MMA) has surged in recent years, and with it, so has the betting industry surrounding it. Just like regular sports betting, there are a variety of bets you can place on UFC matches. This may a little confusing for newcomers to UFC betting, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with the range of bets available.

In this article, you’ll learn how to bet on UFC fights, as well as some handy tips to help increase your chances of winning!

UFC Quick Overview

Before you start betting on UFC matches, it’s important to understand the basics. UFC is the biggest MMA promotion in the world, consisting of thousands of fighters from various countries and disciplines.

Matches take place in an octagonal cage, otherwise known as the Octagon. UFC fights usually consist of three five-minute rounds, although main event matches (those involving the biggest names) can have up to five rounds. Fighters can win by knockout, submission, or judges’ decisions.

octagon in sau paulo november 16 2019

UFC Betting Options With Real-Life Examples


This is a basic bet on who will win the match. You pick one fighter to win, and if your prediction is correct, you win your bet. For example, Conor McGregor was a heavy -460 favorite before his fight against Donald Cerrone. Oddsmakers are expecting this match to be in favor of McGregor. Thus, if you bet $400 on McGregor to win, you would have won your wager.

On the other hand, let’s say that the sportsbooks set a +370 for Cerrone. This would mean that if you bet $100 on Cerrone and he wins, you would win your bet and receive a return of $470.

Over/Under Rounds

With this bet, you can wager on how many rounds the match will last. The sportsbook sets the total number of rounds for a fight and then you decide if the fight will go over or under that set amount.

For example, let’s say the total rounds have been set at 1.5 for a specific match. If you think that the fight will go to at least two rounds, you can bet on the over. On the other hand, if you think that it will end in Round 1 or earlier, then you should wager on the under.

Prop Bets

Prop bets are wagers which include non-fight-related outcomes, such as whether the fight goes the distance or whether the referee will use hand signals during the fight. Prop bets tend to be more difficult to predict but can offer higher payouts than Moneyline bets.

For example, before the Geoff Neal vs Shavkat Rakhmono bout, you could have bet on how the fight will end, this is called the UFC Method of Victory. Choices include KO/TKO, Submission, Decision, or Draw. If you bet on Shavkat Rakhmonobout to win by submission and he did, then you would have won your wager.

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UFC Parlays

Parlays combine two or more UFC bets into one single wager. For example, let’s say you want to bet on both Conor McGregor and Tony Ferguson to win their respective fights. You can combine these two bets into a parlay, where you bet on both fighters at once. If both predictions are correct, then you will win your parlay wager.

Parlays offer higher payouts than single bets but they’re also more difficult to predict. This is because both of your fighters need to win for you to get the payout.

UFC Future Markets

Future markets are bets on future UFC matches, such as who will win the next Lightweight Championship or when the next super fight will take place. The rules of these bets vary depending on the sportsbook but they usually offer higher payouts than other bets.

For example, you could have bet on Islam Makhachev to win the UFC Lightweight Championship before his fight against Charles Oliveira at UFC 280. If you had placed this bet and he won, then you would have won your wager.

charles oliveira vs. christos giagos ufc fight night
Charles Oliveira vs. Christos Giagos September 22 2018

Live Betting

Live betting allows you to place wagers during a fight, as opposed to pre-fight odds. This can be an exciting way to bet and offer potentially higher payouts depending on how the fight progresses. Live betting can also be a great way to protect your bets if you think that one fighter is going to win but don’t want to risk losing your Moneyline bet.

For example, let’s say you placed a pre-fight Moneyline on Conor McGregor and he was winning the first round but you think that Donald Cerrone might start to get the upper hand in the second. You can hedge your bet by placing a Live Bet on Cerrone and secure some winnings regardless of who wins the fight.

MMA Betting Strategies

One of the best strategies for MMA betting is to study the fighters before you make a wager. This means researching their records, styles, techniques, and any other factors that can influence the outcome of the fight. You should also pay attention to pre-fight odds as these can often provide insight into how the match will go.

Additionally, it’s important to stay up to date on MMA news and events. This can help you spot value bets or opportunities to capitalize on a particular fighter or matchup. The physical and mental state of fighters can also have a big influence on the outcome of a fight, so it pays to be aware of any changes in their status and condition.

Betting based on emotion is not advised, as it can often lead to irrational decisions. It’s important to make informed decisions and to bet within your means. Finally, remember that with any type of betting there is always risk involved so be sure to manage your bankroll responsibly.

Finally, don’t forget about Live Betting as this can be a great way to make use of in-game information to secure some winnings. Observing the body language and technique of the fighters can provide valuable insight into who is likely to win.

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