Orlando Hold’em, Orlando

Address511 Tybee Place, Orlando, FL 32839
Phone Number+1 407-489-3108
Opening HoursVaries
Casino SizeVaries
Games OfferedTexas Hold’em
Special Features*Travelling poker night
*Valuable prizes
*Tournament Style

Highlights: Texas Hold’em, free entry, daily events, and more

Orlando Hold’em offers something different from the standard casinos and racetracks in Florida, in that it’s not actually an Orlando casino at all. This local institution is a traveling poker night that has been known to stop in at a number of bars and clubs in the Orlando area, including Roque Pub, Cue-Phoria Billiards & Cafe, and Johnny’s Fillin’ Station. Best of all, it’s free and caters to players of all skill levels

For the more experienced card fans among our readers at Online Casino Florida, Orlando Hold’em occasionally features entries to the World Series of Poker as the main prize, in addition to monthly bounties of up to $1000. As there are no qualifiers or fees involved, Orlando Hold’em has pretty a unique way of doing things. The major downside is that following this night around Florida can be a chore, although, there is usually at least one event a day to be found somewhere in the state.

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