MLB Betting – The Basics

Betting on MLB matches is no easy feat due to the number of variables that must be considered. From analytics and stats to home-court advantage, player performance, and current trends, there are numerous factors that come into play when it comes to forecasting the outcome of a game. Utilizing data from credible sources and maintaining an understanding of each team’s history and form can provide a deeper insight into how certain games may unfold.

Do you love to watch baseball games and bet on them too? We will discuss some tips and strategies for betting on MLB games and winning big. Baseball is a very unpredictable sport, which makes it both exciting and challenging to bet on. So read on to learn more!

MLB Quick Overview

Major League Baseball (MLB) is the oldest and longest-running professional baseball league in the United States. Since its inception in 1876 as a professional sport, MLB continues to be one of the most popular sports leagues among fans across the country.

Today, thirty major league teams are divided into two divisions – American League and National League – which compete against each other in an annual championship series known as the World Series.

Every year, over seventy million people attend regular season games, while millions more watch on television or through digital streaming services. The MLB also offers postseason promotions and special events that draw even larger crowds of devoted followers throughout the course of the season.

From thrilling match-ups between historic rivals to exciting changes to team rosters and lineups, there is continually something new and exciting happening in the world of Major League Baseball.

Types of MLB Bets

There are a variety of betting options for baseball games. Here are some of the most popular types:

Moneyline Bets

Moneyline bets involve predicting who will win the game outright. There will be oddsmakers who will set the line for each team. If you think one team has a better chance of winning, you can bet on them with the moneyline.

For example, in an upcoming game between the Miami Marlins and San Diego Padres, the oddsmaker may set a moneyline like this:

  • Miami Marlins (-170)
  • San Diego Padres (+150)

In this example, the Marlins are favored to win and have a negative moneyline (-170), while the Padres are underdogs and have a positive moneyline (+150). That means if you bet $170 on Miami winning, you’d get back $100 in winnings. On the other hand, if you bet $100 on the Padres winning, you’d get back $150 in winnings.

Runline Bets

A runline bet involves predicting which team will win by a certain amount of runs. This is the spread bets in other sports like football and basketball. With runline bets, the favorite team will have a negative runline (-1.5) while the underdog team has a positive runline (+1.5).

For Instance, the Tampa Bay Rays have a -1.5 runline and the Boston Red Sox have a +1.5 runline in an upcoming game. If you bet on the Rays and they win by two runs or more, then your bet would pay off. If you bet on the Red Sox and they either win or lose by one run or less, then your bet would pay off.

Total Bets

A total bet involves predicting whether the combined score of both teams will be over or under a certain number. The oddsmaker will set the line and you can bet on whether the total points scored in a game are above or below that number.

For example, if the oddsmaker sets the line at 8.5, then you can bet on whether the total score of both teams is over 8.5 or under 8.5. If you think the total score will be over 8.5, then you can bet on the Over. If you think the total score will be under 8.5, then you can bet on the Under.

MLB Parlays and Round Robins

Parlays and round robins are two types of bets that involve combining multiple wagers into one bet. With a parlay, you combine multiple individual wagers into one bet with the payout increasing as each team covers its respective spread. A round-robin is similar to a parlay but offers more flexibility in terms of how the bets are combined.

For instance, if you had a 4-team parlay with the following wagers:

  • Atlanta Braves (-170)
  • New York Yankees (+150)
  • Tampa Bay Rays (-200)
  • Detroit Tigers (+250)

If all four teams emerged victorious, then your bet would pay off at much higher odds than if you had bet on each team individually.

Using the same four teams, you could also create a 3-team round-robin with the following bets:

  • Atlanta Braves (-170) / New York Yankees (+150) / Tampa Bay Rays (-200)
  • New York Yankees (+150) / Tampa Bay Rays (-200) / Detroit Tigers (+250)
  • Tampa Bay Rays (-200) / Detroit Tigers (+250) / Atlanta Braves (-170)

MLB Props and Futures

In addition to the typical bets described above, there are also props and futures bets that you can make in MLB. A prop bet involves predicting a certain event within the game (e.g. will a certain player hit a home run?) while a futures bet involves predicting the outcome of an entire season or series. Here are more examples:

MLB Props Examples

1. Will a player finish with more than 1 base?

2. How many strikeouts will there be in the game?

3. Will the Rays record at least one home run?

4. What will be the total number of bases stolen in the game?

5. How many errors will be made in the game?

MLB Futures Examples

1. The Tampa Bay Rays are currently +2500 to win the World Series.

2. The Miami Marlins are currently +10000 to win the World Series.

3. From which Conference will the World Series winner come?

4. Will the Rays win the American League Pennant?

MLB Betting Strategies

Be Updated on the Latest Trends

MLB betting involves more than just picking a winner and hoping for the best. It pays to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in the game, such as which team is hot or cold, and which players are performing well or slumping.

Look at Injury Reports:

Injuries can have a major impact on an MLB game, so it pays to stay up-to-date on the latest injury reports. It may also be helpful to look at which players are being rested and who might be playing in their place.

Track Pitchers

The starting pitching matchup is usually one of the most important factors in deciding an MLB game. Track each team’s pitchers and look at their career stats and recent performance against certain teams or hitters.

Shop for the Best Odds

Sportsbooks typically offer different odds on the same games, so it pays to shop around and find the best line. Don’t just look at one sportsbook; compare multiple books and see which one offers the best value for your bet.

Avoid Chasing Losses

Chasing losses is a mistake that many bettors make and it can be particularly costly in MLB betting. If you find yourself consistently losing, then take some time to evaluate your strategy or look for other teams that may offer better odds.

MLB Betting FAQs

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