Kevin Love Will Sign with the Miami Heat after Clearing Waivers

Kevin Love is on his way to the Miami Heat (32-27). Love will look to play a veteran role in the team’s roster, according to his agent, Jeff Schwartz, who spoke with ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

With Love now on board with Miami, their chances of achieving their playoff goals have certainly increased, but still not guaranteed. Other teams in the East are just on a roll, just like the Boston Celtics and Milwaukee Bucks. Staying healthy until the postseason would be the primary objective for most of the teams.

Miami failed to land some of their potential targets before the trade deadline, but having a championship-caliber veteran is a big win for the franchise. Love has had an injury-riddled career, but he could still be a valuable asset to Miami.

Love Requests for a Buyout

On Saturday, Love agreed to a contract buyout with the Cleveland Cavaliers. He spent six years as a part of the organization and was the last connection to their historic 2016 NBA title team that ended the city’s 52-year championship drought. At the time of the buyout, there was still $8.5 million remaining on his four-year contract.

Before requesting a buyout earlier in the week, Love had been sidelined for 12 consecutive games. Surprisingly, during this time, Cleveland managed to rack up nine wins and went into the All-Star break sitting in fourth place in the Eastern Conference standings.

What Can Kevin Love Contribute to the Heat?

After an epic journey with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Kevin Love chooses to sign with the Miami Heat who want to have a deeper bench. Bam Adebayo recognizes Love’s experience and quality, saying “It would give us another vet, another guy who’s been through the playoffs, another guy who knows what it takes to win and get to where we want to go.”

Kevin Love is having a tough year due to his thumb injury and limited playing time. He is currently averaging career lows in both points (8.5) and (6.8) rebounds. However, the 6′ 9″ forward still remains a threat despite his current shooting troubles.

His 15 NBA seasons of experience have undeniably contributed to such status, with an impressive stat line that includes an average of 17.2 points and 10.5 rebounds every game. Moreover, his 37.2% 3-point shot conversion rate adds value to his team attack, whilst internationally he had the honor of helping USA Basketball win both Olympic and FIBA World Cup gold medals.

His decision to join the Heat shows that Love believes he can be a key player moving forward as the team aims to make it into the Eastern Conference playoffs.

More Miami Heat Updates

With only 23 games left in the NBA regular season, Miami Heat may be looking to at least secure the 6th spot in the East and not be involved in the Play-in tournament (7th – 10th spot). Among their tight competition for that spot are the brand-new Brooklyn Nets (43-24) and striking New York Knicks (33-27).

According to BetMGM FL Sportsbook, the Miami heat currently have 1/51 odds to win the NBA title this season. Not as high as their previous season, mainly due to their inconsistency and the improved performances of other teams. They have 1/19 to win the Eastern Conference Champions and 1/1.3 to have the best record in the South East Division.