Centers that Could Be Available for Jaguars’ 57th Pick

As the Jacksonville Jaguars gear up for the 2023 NFL Draft, they are carrying a sense of optimism and high expectations. Having closed out the previous season on a strong note, winning their division and a playoff game, the Jaguars have shown that they have what it takes to compete at the highest level.

With the memory of their narrow loss to the Super Bowl champions still fresh in their minds, the Jaguars are determined to build on their recent success and aim for the ultimate prize. To achieve this, the team will need to address some key positions and make smart draft choices.

One position that the Jaguars are looking to address is center. While there are some viable free agents available, the draft presents an opportunity to find a young, talented player who can anchor the offensive line for years to come. Given the team’s position and potential, selecting a center in the draft could be a wise long-term investment.

While it’s unlikely that the Jaguars will select a center with their first-round pick, their second-round pick is a real possibility. This would give the team a chance to pick up a player with significant potential and provide them with the opportunity to develop and grow within the team. Their 57th pick isn’t that bad, there are a lot of choices but here are the best ones.

John Michael Schmitz from Minnesota

John Michael Schmitz from Minnesota is a talented center who would be a great addition to the Jaguars. While he may not be the first center to be drafted, he is likely to be available in the second round, making him a strong option for the team. Schmitz is receiving high grades from experts due to his ability to run blocks and pass blocks effectively. This is crucial for the Jaguars, who will be looking for a center that can build good chemistry with quarterback Trevor Lawrence.

Joe Tippman from Wisconsin

Joe Tippman, from Wisconsin, is another promising center who could be a good pick for the Jaguars in the second round. Although he needs to work on a few aspects of his game, Tippman’s speed and athleticism make him an exciting prospect. With the right coaching and support, Tippman could develop into an excellent center who could help the Jaguars build a formidable offensive line.

Luke Wypler from Ohio State

Another prospect is Luke Wypler from Ohio State. While all three centers bring their own unique strengths to the table, Wypler offers something extra that the others don’t: experience in the College Football Playoff.

Wypler has demonstrated his ability to play at the highest level of college football, having helped Ohio State reach the playoffs in the 2020-21 season. This experience could prove invaluable to the Jaguars, who are looking to build a team that can compete at the highest level of the NFL.

In addition to his playoff experience, Wypler has demonstrated his skill on the field, showing an impressive ability to block both in the run game and in pass protection. He also possesses the versatility to play guard if needed, giving the Jags added flexibility in their offensive line.

Betting on the Jacksonville Jaguars

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